Colored Pencil Queen: Alexis Kalil


Alexis Kalil. An 18-year-old fashion-inspired artist from Utica, NY. Alexis enjoys exploring the color and texture of fashion design through her drawings. She focuses on connecting one piece to another and primarily specializes in colored pencil. As a child, Alexis’ interest in art started early on and continued to grow as she matured throughout the years. It was her grandfather who noticed her talent at such a young age and he encouraged her to pursue that talent. In December of 2008, Alexis’ grandfather passed away around the Holidays. During this time, Alexis used her artwork as a way to express herself in honor of her grandfather. To this day, Alexis has had many opportunities in the art world by featuring her pieces in numerous local art shows. Regarding Alexis’ work, she hopes to inspire others in art and in fashion as a whole. She hopes that people who see her work will pursue their own dreams and learn how to chase them in many ways. Coming from a small town, Alexis had the opportunity to live in an art-friendly environment where everyone supported local artists and had great admiration and appreciation for those of who created in all forms. Alexis doesn't only have an eye for art, but she is very fashion savvy as well. Currently, she is a freshman at The Fashion Institute of Technology studying Fashion Business Management. Besides drawing and having a strong interest in fashion, Alexis enjoys photography and sewing. For her personally, she felt it was important to become well rounded in many related areas for the benefit of her future. Down the road, Alexis plans to use her creative side and combine both of her skills within the business of the Fashion Industry in whichever direction that takes her.


What is your name?

“Alexis Kalil”

What is your age?

“18 years old”

Where are you from?

“Utica, NY”

What is your Instagram handle?

“@lexikay25 and @luxurylexx”

How did you become an artist?

“I used to draw and paint every day as a child, and eventually my family and school art teachers noticed my talent.”

Are your parents/guardians proud of your decision?


“They are very proud of me and are so encouraging. My mom loves to hang all my artwork around the house for everyone to see. Anytime I catch up with family they always ask to see what I am working on. My family comes to every art show I am featured in and encouraged me to take summer courses for many years as a child to pursue the education of art.”

Is there a certain way your art has impacted you or someone else?

“My art has impacted my whole family but most importantly my grandpa. My grandpa had cancer and a few days before he passed away, he made sure he went to see my painting hung at my public library. He was very ill and managed to come and see it. He was so proud of me and that is my last memory with him, I cherish it.”

When faced with adversity, do you think art is a good way to solve a problem?

“When faced with adversity, I think art is one of the best ways to solve a problem. It gets your mind off of things that bother you, and it is a good way to express your feelings in many ways from choosing the color to creating a piece. Many artists are able to influence others through their art during hard times.”

In what forms of art do you think is a good way to solve social issues (murals, speeches, clothing, etc.)?

“I think it is a good way to solve social issues with art when it expresses feelings and emotions of the general public. Color can be a tremendous part to express these feelings. One of the most interesting pieces to me was Pablo Picasso’s Guernica which expresses the horrors of the Spanish Civil War.”

If you could meet any artist (writer, poet, designer, dancer, etc.), dead or alive, who would it be?

“If I could meet any designer, it would be Michael Kors. I love his products personally and one of the watches he sells was my inspiration for a still life drawing I did.”

What’s your favorite color? Why?

“My favorite color is blue because I am in love with each shade. From light to dark, I love to wear blue clothing and I love to incorporate blue into my artwork when possible.”

Choose any artwork/style from any media (Dance, hair, graphics). Which is your all-time favorite?

“My favorite style to see and wear is anything leopard print. I've always been a fan and it is definitely making a comeback!”

What is one thing that makes you angry?


“One thing that makes me angry is how competitive the art and fashion industry is. There are many people out there who deserve to have a chance and are not always recognized. Often people only look up to the well-known names instead of branching out and finding something or someone new.”

In school, whether it’s elementary, middle school, or high school, should art be funded?

“I am a strong believer that art should be funded in schools. The subjects that are focused on the left side of the brain are always funded but why is it fair to cut out education that focuses on the right side? In my opinion, art is just as important as any other subject because this gives people the opportunity to educate and discover more about themselves. I was always surprised in high school how many people had hidden their artistic ability until forced to take an art class. This gave those people the opportunity to launch and become comfortable.”

No matter what art you do, what are your artistic goals for the future?

“My artistic goals for the future are to develop my skills over time and hopefully begin to sell my work someday. I hope to inspire as many people as I can throughout my artistic journey.”