Mission Belt

The belt of the future is here and its name is “Mission Belt”! Co-founded by Zac Holzapfel and Jeff Jensen, Mission Belt has been featured nationwide, including on the Reality Entrepreneur Show, called “Shark Tank”, for their new and innovative idea for creating a belt that not only looks amazing but feels and fits perfectly.

The belt itself is made out of genuine leather and comes in various hardware styles and colors. Plus, if your belt isn’t fitting anymore, Mission Belts are created to be easily customizable thus, a smaller fit is no hassle at all! The Mission Belt site is perfectly set up for you to access tutorials and get the help you need to guarantee that you’re getting the best product. The belt also eliminates the constant need to puncture holes into the strap. The design ensures for it too, not only fit nicely  but to last the longest and look the best over time. The hardware on the belt attaches to clip like objects on the inside to give a smooth look and annihilate the wear and tear. Plus, punching holes in belts is just so old school.


In addition to the amazing cutting-edge features of the belt, the Mission Belt is not just a clever name. With every purchase of a belt, one dollar goes to fighting poverty and hunger worldwide. This immediately caught my attention since most of you know I am a huge advocate for human rights and progression and what better way is to have people donate directly in order to help. Their motto, “It’s A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out”.

If you’re interested in Mission Belt and their goal, click here to shop their amazing products. Also, since you all are my loyal followers and readers, we have a special discount just for you all: use code “HIbrahim15” to get 15% off your next purchase at Mission Belt and to help give those in need a brighter future and more opportunities!

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