I have been wearing scarfs for as long as I can remember. I have gone from the basic children's scarf that I, for some reason, thought was okay to wear up until the age of 14, to wrap scarfs that constantly fell off my head because I didn’t know how to pin it correctly. Finally, after having watched tons of YouTube tutorials on different ways to wrap scarfs, I have finally found a few ways that work the best for me aside from just tossing it on after having a restless night of homework.

Ever since moving to NYC, finding more scarfs to add to my collection has been pushed aside and replaced with finding which art supply stores and fabric stores are going to give me a student discount. But with the new age of social media, I have found the perfect scarfs that trump my $5 scarfs from the Charlotte Russe back in Minnesota.

Azyaa Yemania is a modest fashion brand based in the Bronx NYC. She creates affordable modest clothing such as dresses and, my personally favorite, scarfs. I had the pleasure of trying out one of her wonderful scarfs. When I first got the package in the mail, I was immediately drawn to the overly cute packaging. The cylinder shape of the blue package wrapped with a white bow was to die for. Opening the package, the scarf came in a plastic wrap to keep it protected and along with it were little goodies! A gold bracelet with two hearts on either end and a gold faux septum nose ring (my personal favorite).

The scarf itself is beyond soft and flowy. The color was a peachy orange that one would only describe as apricot. Maybe peach? Either way, glittery speks scattered the scarf and when the light hits it in just the right angle, it glows. The material of the scarf is 100% viscose.

The outfit I decided to wear with this scarf was an all black one for the first day of BeautyCon NYC 2018. I think that it allowed the color to pop for the first time wearing it. However, I can absolutely see it paired with one of my signature colorfilled outfits in the future.

I am so happy to add this scarf to my collection and will for sure be purchasing a lot more! To find out more about the brand by clicking here!

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