If you haven’t found out by now, I am a huge advocate for equal rights for all! I believe that all humans, no matter who they are or where they come from and believe in, should be treated with respect and equality. For the month the June, I was asked by the Grey…, the creator, to join the “Arts. Not Parts” team.

“Arts. Not Parts is a creative call to action in support of and solidarity with trans youth.”   This month of Pride is perfect to spread the word that trans people of all ages deserve to be respected and have a safe place to use the bathroom. “This is about making a space (bathrooms) that might feel dangerous to trans youth, positive, supportive and affirming. This is about using creativity to combat contempt.” Part of the “Arts. Not Parts” project is to create signs and posters and hang them in bathrooms around the community.

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I threw an “Arts. Not Parts” party at a local park in my town and got great supporters together to create amazing signs. There were so many more people there than I thought would show up and I am so happy they did! Kelsey Olson, an LGBTQ+ activist, did such an excellent job helping spread the word and I am so grateful for her being there.

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Surprisingly, the local news also offered to interview us which was an opportunity we could not pass up! I thank them for allowing us to spread the word even further and show the community that equality and safety really does matter when it comes to Transgender people. Especially because there is a large amount of trans youth that lives in my area, so for those who weren’t aware of it, they now know and can hopefully continue or start to respect them and make them feel safe. Not only in the bathroom but in any public area.

I made a short little video to show the behind the scenes of the super fun party. Check it out to learn more!

Here is the interview from the local news channel!

So, join me in solidarity with trans youth and their right to pee freely! Repost some of these pictures and tag @artsnotparts. Or, go to, print a poster, hang it in a bathroom and share! Challenge 3 friends to do the same!”