My First Pride! {NYC + Video}

July 05, 2018

The month of June, as some of you may know, is considered to be “Pride” month. All around the world, people come together to celebrate the rights and achievements that the LGBTQ+ community has done. No matter the background, the race, the religion, or ethnicity. Pride can mean something different to everyone. Whether it’s being able to finally tell the world who you are and who they love, or supporting friends and family who are apart of the community. For me, it’s like a breath of fresh air. An event where I feel like I belong.

NYC Pride, 2018 was the very first one I’ve been to. Living in Minnesota for most of my life has led me to believe that life would be better if you just hid your true self. It doesn’t matter what the belief. If it wasn’t what the majority was doing, you could forget about it. However, coming to New York gave me a whole new perspective on what self-expression was. Walking the streets, you see so many careless people wearing and doing whatever the hell they want.

Check out the semi-vlog I did of my first Pride on June 24th, 2018!
Can’t view the video? No problem! Click here.

I hope everyone had an amazing, expressive, and safe Pride!
*I just wanted to remind the straight allies that Pride is not just a time to go out and party amongst the LGBTQ+ community when you feel like it, and then disregard them for the rest of the year. If you are truly an ally, you need to support and help us as much as you can because there is still MAJOR discrimination inside and outside of the community. Especially with Trans people and minorities. Think about what you’re really celebrating before tagging along. Thanks!*

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