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June 09, 2018

I have been blogging for over four years now and throughout that short, yet exhausting time, I have changed, rearranged, and deleted many a blog. As some of you may know, when I first started blogging, I, one: Never told anyone about it, and two: Blogged on a site that was not called In fact, my first blog was entitled “I Am Fashion” and focused mainly on fashion trends, fashion statements, and what I thought about other designers clothing and/or Runway Collections. Halfway into my first year of blogging, I decided that that wasn’t really what my calling was, so I decided to switch it up a bit and do what I loved in order to share it with everyone else! Thus, my DIY blog was born and I named it “Hello Hawwaa”. Just because it had a nice ring to it and my initials spell “HI”, but “Hi Hawwaa” didn’t really caught my attention. The moral of this somewhat irrelevant story is that I have had a bit of experience when it comes to creating a blog that means a lot and expresses exactly what I want people to see.

I have gotten a lot of questions from people who also would like to start their own blog and maybe don’t know exactly where to start. Some websites can be too expensive or complicated and maybe don’t have what you're looking for. But, finessing the system of blogging is a skill I have learned from excessive amounts of googling and I am here to share with you just ONE of the many ways one can go about starting a blog. My website of choice? by the lovely

I have created an in-depth YouTube video going through the steps I took to create my blog. Check it out! Video not working for you? No problem! Click here to view.

Keep in mind, it takes time and a whole lot of patience when it comes to creating, writing, and publishing on a blog. For example, this blog post alone took me around TEN hours total to create. From filming and editing the video and re-editing if anything goes wrong, to writing the post. The cover photos and the editing in between. It all adds up and can, at times, feel like a lot. But when it’s all complete, it is all worth it. Sharing what makes you happy to people all over the world. It’s definitely worth the hard work and if you work hard enough, it sure as hell shows.

So, now that you have the bases of what you need when it comes to creating or editing your very own blog, all that’s left to do it make one! Even with all of this, it still takes a lot of time to get it exactly how you want it and even then, it could always change. When it comes to my specific blog, it changes at least twice a year. So, just do what you like and have fun with it! Eventually, blogging will be like second nature for you. We’ll be in touch.

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