Dolla Dolla World {Spreading Financial Literacy At BeautyCon NYC}

by - May 01, 2018

BeautyCon NYC lasted for two days on April 21st and 22nd of 2018. Thanks to the amazing Dolla Dolla World, I was able to go and meet so many people I have looked up to. But wait! I suppose you’re wondering what Dolla Dolla World is? Well, to sum it all up, Dolla Dolla World is raising money via their kickstarter in order to create a pop-up shop in NYC over the summer. This shop will hold workshops for girls (or any one who wants to come) learn about financial literacy, how to manage student loans, start a business, and much more! There’s even a catchy song that goes along with the kickstarter starring yours truly and many other fabulous girls. The project launched on Apr/il 2nd, 2018 and from there, it has raised over $30,000 for the cause. Some donors and backers include Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Arianna Huffington, and many more!
We as Dolla Dolla World took over BeautyCon by running around passing out fliers and informing celebrities like Zendaya and Laverne Cox about what Dolla Dolla World hopes to achieve. We all definitely turned heads with our custom Dolla Dolla Signs and had a lot of people asking if we were giving out money. No, honey. We’re trying to get that money.
The last day of Dolla Dolla World is coming in close with it being May 7th, so if you’re in support of girl power, go ahead and donate as much as you can and if you donate a certain amount, you win amazing prices from the so gracious backers we have! Always remember think about the future and what it could hold if someone just helped a tiny bit.
P.S. Can we just talk about how I somehow managed to run into three of my favorite people, Michael Costello, Jeana (From PVP), and Tyler Oakley?!?! Life’s great sometimes. We’ll be in touch.

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