Women In The World 9th Annual Summit {2018}

April 18, 2018

For information of the Women In The World Summit, please click here!
On Saturday, April 14th, 2018, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the 9th annual Women in The World Summit at the Lincoln Center here in New York City. The Women in The World Summit was created to showcase powerful women role models, their journeys in the world, the changes they have been making, and to empower other women to do the same.
As many of you know. I am a huge advocate for equality for everyone no matter their gender, race, or sexual orientation and for me personally, I have faced and still am facing a numerous amount of adversity, discrimination, and racism in my life and it all brings me to the realization that a bigger change needs to be made in the world now.
I’ve always wanted to attend an event such as this one and was so honored when I was placed in with the other young women (femmes/GNB) to stand on stage for a call to action and listen to the voices of young leaders as they spoke their truth to the whole audience and to the world. These specific speakers names are Hebh Jamal, a Muslim Palestinian-American Youth Activist, Nupol Kiazolu, the President of Youth Coalition for Black Lives Matter in Greater NY, Hunter Schafer, a Transgender Artist, Designer, and Model, Monica Sibri, the Co-Founder of New York DREAMers, and Jamie Tyberg, a Climate Activist and member of New York Communities for Change. As these young women let their words captivate the audience and myself included, I stood there with tears rolling down my cheeks. A much-needed reminder that this world has way more problems than people are willing to admit. Especially those in the United States of America.

Other empowering speakers during the event included that of Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Viola Davis, Asia Argento, Ambra B. Gutierrez, Sophie grégoire Trudeau, Terry Crews, Joanna Coles, and many, many more. What I also loved about the event was that there weren’t only women speaking about their experiences, but also men who were willing to put their perspective of sex, age, etc out there which definitely gave people, especially me, more to think about.

A few highlights from the last day of the event were ones that personally caught my attention or made me say "I agree!" They go as followed:

Terry Crews: "Men see women as objects. Not actual humans."- Thus explaining why some men may find that they are better or superior or women and they deserve no respect.
Joanna Coles: Porn is getting confused with what sex really is. Porn is not and should not be a substitute for sex education.

Michaela Angela Davis: "I’m not an old woman, I’m a grown as woman."
Black women have to know everything about everyone in order to have success and achievements in life while white People don’t necessarily have to know about anyone or anything other than what they personally are trying to achieve.

"They say black don’t crack, but it folds." -People believe this idea that Black people don’t age because of the physical appearance of a lot of them, but in reality, we die faster because of the stress and adversity we have to face every day.
The Women In The World Summit was such an awe-inspiring experience. I am so very blessed and didn’t at all mind waking up early on a Saturday for it. While there is always room for improvement when it comes to things like this such as the inclusion of minorities from different backgrounds and not just for a token reason, or having younger voices throughout the event. Not just the last day. We’ll be in touch.

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