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April 25, 2018

Roxana Saravia, otherwise known as Roxy, is a Fashion and lifestyle YouTuber in the big Apple. While she is currently attending University in Manhattan, she manages to make time to share what she loves. Her content ranges from style advice to college vlogging as she takes on the big city all by herself. While she steadily guides her way to the future, she also combats stress, socializing, and the awkwardness of vlogging in public.

Hawwaa: Are you ready to get started?
Roxy: Yes.
Hawwaa: Perfect. So, the first question: In NYC, it seems to be a nonstop grind when it comes to living your life. Do you find it hard balancing this crazy city with your personal life?
Roxy: Yeah. I think that living in New York City can be really hectic and it's really hard to make time for everything like my social life, school, work, YouTube, because it can get really...I mean, I’m sure every college student feels like they can’t really cope and it’s overwhelming at times, but it’s not always that way. When it’s nice out, I try to appreciate the weather.
Hawwaa: I totally agree. Especially about the weather. How did you feel about the weather on Saturday (4/14th/2018). That was amazing! I wanted to cry.
Roxy: I swear I have seasonal affective, like, when it’s cold out, my [mood] just changes.
Hawwaa: Yes! I totally feel you.

Hawwaa: When you first started your YouTube channel, your videos consisted of music videos regarding various hit songs including "Whip It" by Nicki Minaj and "Raise Your Glass" by P!nk. Even though you were very young at the time, do you ever see yourself pursuing music? Have you done so already aside from covers?
Roxy: So, I used to do musicals when I was in middle school and high school. I was a really big musical theater person. Then I actually auditioned and I got into a couple, but I don’t know why I just hated going to dance lessons which is a big part of it, but I hated something about it and I couldn’t see myself doing that as a career but yeah I’ve always been a very physically oriented person. I love everything having to do with art and then I jumped straight to finance and then I realized I didn’t like that so then I want into business and fashion marketing because I realized that I like fashion now. I would love to do musicals again, but you have to dedicate a lot of time to that and go to auditions and on top of school and babysitting, it’s too much. I definitely want to be on stage but right now, it's not the right time.
Hawwaa: I see. So if you weren’t doing college or anything, would you be out doing audiences and trying to get into tv shows or musicals and anything like that?
Roxy: yes, definitely if I wasn’t in school but I have to get a jump (laughing).
Hawwaa: (Laughing) Exactly. Unfortunately.

Hawwaa: Do you think being a fashion and lifestyle vlogger puts pressure on you to stay up-to-date with certain fashion trends and clothing, or do you prefer to do your own thing?
Roxy: I’ve been in school for a while now and I’ve realized that you have to know your competition and know what’s new in whatever field you’re in. Sometimes it’s good to stay up to date with trends. But you don't have to follow them. I always say that trends come and go but the way you express yourself should be yourself and not the way everyone else is dressing. It’s hard to see people my age wearing Louis Vuitton when I can sometimes barely can afford a Zara dress.
Hawwaa: I totally agree with that.
Roxy: I have this video were I take affordable clothing and make it my own. (You can watch the video by clicking here!)
Hawwaa: That’s so perfect! I love that.

Hawwaa: What made you start your journey in becoming a fashion and lifestyle vlogger?
Roxy: I like to watch other people’s journeys on YouTube. I’ve been watching YouTube since I was twelve and I’ve been watching these youtubers from middle school and even though I didn’t back then, it’s nice to watch. I used to make little videos when i was younger and talk to the camera like "I got these sunglasses from Walmart" but looking back I wish I would have uploaded it but i was too afraid to. I did do a video where I reacted to them (You can watch the video by clicking here!)
Hawwaa: Yeah, I agree. When you’re a kid, you’re always worried about what other people are going to think about you and it’s kind of sad.

Hawwaa: What do you believe to be the hardest part of being a YouTuber?
Roxy: It’s putting your life out here because people only see like six minutes of it and people tend to think they know you by just only seeing little pieces because I don’t put my whole life on YouTube. Whenever I apply to internships, I always keep it in the back of my head like they could easily look up my channel even though I don’t do anything crazy on it.
Hawwaa:  Exactly. You’re not Trisha Paytas.
Roxy: I feel like people think they know me, but they really don’t.
Hawwaa: Yeah and I feel like nowadays people think they know everything about these YouTubers just because of a little video and whenever you’re filming you kind of only want to get the positive things in there to make it more enjoyable.
Roxy: I agree because I try to show the positive and not really get into details about negative stuff. I hate that people think that I go to college and go around the city and have this super positive life.
Hawwaa: And with influencers, it’s like you’re not allowed to have feelings.
Roxy: I totally agree and people don’t know that I feel alone a lot of the time.

Hawwaa: You often do college vlogs which happen to be my favorite. Do you ever find yourself in awkward situations when you go about your campus and/or the city with your vlogging camera?
Roxy: Oh my God. All of the time. I feel awkward the second I take out my camera and start vlogging. I just hope that I don’t see any people that I know and I just edit the video afterwards, so it’s fine but if you see someone with a camera you kinda know that they’re a vlogger.
Hawwaa: Yep. It’s like "They’re totally a YouTuber".

Hawwaa: What’s the number-one product you would recommend to someone who wants to better their lifestyle?
Roxy: I’ve been using this app called "Moment". I’ve just been using it recently and it checks how long you stay on your phone everyday. If I realize that I went on my phone for like five hours the previous day, I try to go on my phone less the next day.
Hawwaa: I know right. That a lot young adults kind of just go on their phones just to scroll down Twitter or something when they’re not really using them.
Roxy: Exactly.

Hawwaa: What’s your favorite healthy meal and/or snack?
Roxy: Avocado toast. I use toasted whole grain bread from Trader Joes and I get half of an avocado and lemon and spice.
Hawwaa: Yummy!

Hawwaa: If you could steal any celebrities wardrobe, who’s would you take?
Hawwaa: And what does she do?
Roxy: She does fashion lifestyle videos and what I love about her is that she finds really affordable stuff and wears it.
Hawwaa: How would you describe her style?
Roxy: I would say boho and edgy.
Hawwaa: I like that.
Roxy: She’s a really good YouTuber and she says that she doesn’t watch anyone else's YouTube videos, so she doesn’t get pushed into YouTubing seeming like it’s a competition.
Hawwaa: I like that a lot. It’s annoying when YouTubers do the say thing over and over again like those slime videos even though I love watching some of them once in a while.
Roxy: Exactly.

Hawwaa: What’s one fashion trend that needs to die out? Why?
Roxy: I don’t have an answer for this because I hate judging people outfits because I might not think it’d a good trend but if I don't like it someone else may like that, you know?
Hawwaa: I totally understand. How about I rephrase the question: "what’s one trend you personally will never follow"?
Roxy: Okay. There’s these pants that are tight at the top, but are big at the bottom. They’re not culottes or bell bottoms, but I’ve only see one person wearing them so maybe that was a one time thing
Hawwaa: (Laughing) Probably.
Roxy: I used to think those tiny glasses were ugly, but now I’m wearing them too (Laughing).
Hawwaa: (Laughing) That’s how it usually works. You hate something and then the next day you love it.

Hawwaa: What are your go-to fashion accessories for the spring? What about for the summer?
Roxy: For the spring, I would have to say sunglasses but the $5 ones and for the spring I would say the big sun hats.

Hawwaa: If someone was visiting New York City for the first time, what places would you recommend to them? Food, shopping, and hang out.
Roxy: "Ground Support" in SOHO is a little coffee shop. They have benches and stuff and sell food. For shopping, I would say "Zara" in SOHO. They have two floors, but they have the best stuff.
Hawwaa: I love SOHO. Especially in the summer minus the people.
Roxy: For food, I feel like any place in New York City is good for food like if it’s bad, it’ll close.
Hawwaa: Even the $1 pizza
Roxy: Exactly! Even the $1 pizza.
Roxy: Thank you so much for letting me do this.
Hawwaa: No! Thank you so much for accepting!
You can connect with Roxana on all of her social media (@x0xroxy) and on YouTube! We’ll be in touch.

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