Women's History Month {March 2018 Recap}

March 31, 2018

Women’s History Month celebrates the prodigious contribution that women all over the world have brought to this Universe. From the past suffragettes to the recent Women’s Marches, women and men have more than often come together to celebrate the great achievements that women have made, not just in the US, but all around the world. From young women to old, change has no limit and will continue to be the main focus of our society until everyone is treated fairly and justly.
As we take a look back at this past Women’s History Month, we look at the highlights and the social justice that was fought for. From the rallies during International Women’s Day where women came together to showcase their anger with society and their hunger for change, to Barbie creating dolls that exhibit historic women who changed the course of history. Women, young and old, students and workers, from Korea to Kenya, have in this single month provided an overflowing amount of hope for the future. Even if a single contribution seems insignificant, every inch of the thrust towards change can eventually make a mile.

Another milestone that was met during Women’s History Month is one that will now live forever in virtue as survivors from a February 14th high school shooting in a Parkland, Florida rallied a nation together to confer the issues and effects of gun laws and violence in the U.S.A. during “March For Our Lives” in Washington D.C. Participants ranged from young students to college graduates and sparked a well-needed deliberation about what needs to be done to prevent another incident like this. (Please help out with "March For Our Lives" by any way you can. Sometimes it only takes a little to do a lot!)
A woman (person) has the ability to strike the world in many different ways. It doesn’t always have to be through politics or through writings. Around the world, women continue to break stereotypes and norms through sport, education, and career paths. Sharing your views and opinions about what the world needs in order become more positive is a great start to change because if no one says anything, how will it be heard?
The end of an astonishing month is no excuse to stop honoring the triumphs of women. As the day goes by, the sun sets and raises all over the world and until everyone sees the light as we too see it, the push for change will never grow weaker or fade away. We fight for what we want and in that way, we are beautiful and at the end of the day, hard work will never go unnoticed.
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Pictures courtesy of Huffington Post & March For Our Lives

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