Black History Month: The Future

February 28, 2018

Some may say that this new generation has a lot to live up to compared to the previous ones. However, if I were to point out some differences between then and now and even similarities between the past and present, it would take me years. There is still a large amount of racism, prejudices, and discrimination that goes on around the world and even at home. Whether you're black or white, a man or a woman, Christian or Muslim, anywhere you look, you seem to find a flaw in the way society is set up and the way it has been chosen to reflect on how the way people decide to view it. Negative with hatred or positive with change. Either way, coming from the past, a good amount of progression has been fulfilled when it comes to the outspokenness and courageousness races have in order to stand up for injustices. The awareness of what makes something injustice as well is now more prominent and those who never had a voice before having one now. That’s how this generation lived up to the last. By making sure we all felt included and heard and while there is no such thing as a safe space in society, there are people like you and me who fight to make the world safe.
My name is Hawwaa Ibrahim. I am a Muslim who was born into poverty in Chicago, Illinois with two sisters and two brothers, and while before I was afraid and ashamed to say who I really am, society has taught me that who I really am, is me.
Who are you?
Happy Black History Month.
We'll be in touch.

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