Black History Month: A Leader

February 08, 2018

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The time of “Black History Month” has finally rolled around. My younger sister recently said that February is her favorite month, thus allowing me to come to the conclusion that it is always my favorite month and it always has been. For years I’ve been wanting to do something involving Black History Month, but I never got around to doing it. I believe that this month is very, very important and an excellent opportunity to teach young African Americans/Blacks and even people of other races about how far we have come to freedom here in the United States of America. And while I believe that every month should be “Black History Month” and that it is awfully strange that it just so happens to fall on the shortest month of the year, I guess we will take what we get and expand the knowledge of leaders, creators, and innovators through our words and actions in society. Through movements such as Black Lives Matter” and through the story of people such as Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. However, let’s not limit ourselves there. There are thousands of wonderful African Americans/Blacks who have paved the way for all of us to be great. The only thing we have to do it keep moving forward. Throughout the rest of “Black History Month”, I will be posting some of my favorite artists, musicians, poets, writers, and speakers who I believe encompass what a true leader is. And to sum it all up: I believe a leader is a person who doesn’t let their fear of rejection and adversity get in the way of their goals for justice and what they are fighting for. A leader takes into consideration others first, and then themselves. A leader tries to ensure that those who are following are at their best and can hopefully, one day, become a leader themselves. Are you one? We’ll be in touch.

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