A Huge Thanks {To Culture Piece Magazine}

September 13, 2017

Up until 2017, Minnesota was nothing but a bore to me. There wasn’t much to do. Especially in the town that I lived in. I couldn’t wait to get out and move to NYC for college. However, little did I know, I would end up having a great last few months there all thanks to Culture Piece Magazine.
My first encounter with them was when they so kindly allowed me to show in their presentation at Fashion Week Minnesota. “Melatonin” was my first runway show in Minnesota. It was the first time I ever tried to break out of my comfort zone of bright colors and crazy patterns and go for a more “Survival” look. Which, to me, involves darker colors. Entitled: Creation and Demise.
My second encounter with Culture Piece Magazine was their super fun, super colorful, 1-year anniversary runway show at Can Can Wonderland. My collection for this show was inspired by K-Pop. I was so honored that they had invited me back to show at one of their events. Entitled: SODA.
The whole team of Culture Piece Magazine is extremely talented and professional. They never fail to put out great work such as makeup, hair, venues, photography, and models. With them, everything is always well organized and you can tell they take their job very, very seriously.

I hope to, someday, work with Culture Piece Magazine again! They will forever leave a sweet taste in my mouth. Just like candy.

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