NYFW: Fashion Sizzle {September 9th, 2017}

August 26, 2017

I am excited to announce that on September 9th, 2017, I will be showing at Fashion Sizzle’s NYFW Runway Show. I was very honored to be invited back in March and since then, I’ve been sewing my hands off. Of course, with all collections, I came across some trouble while designing and sewing, but now, I am so happy to announce that the show is only a few days away!

Before I arrived in NYC for college at FIT, I decided to finish my whole 17 design collection with over 20 pieces plus accessories! The collection, this time around, is inspired by dolls. I have always been fascinated with Barbies, Bratz, Polly Pockets, and My Scene dolls when I was younger. I would admire their outfits, hair, and *hella* big shoes. I thought this collection would be the perfect opportunity to show off my skills involving color and black & white. For me, this collection is aiming away from the concept that I only work with blinding, neon colors. I don’t.

With there being 17 looks, eight of them will be full of color, and nine of them will transition into grey and black & white. I am very excited to show this last collection before spending all my time with college and discovering different people and opportunities in the fashion capital of the world!

If you’re in NYC on September 9th, 2017, come check out the show! There will be a morning show and an evening show.
Show Name: NYFW- Fashion Sizzle
Location: Holy Apostles Ballroom
Date: Saturday, September 9th, 2017
Prices: $35-$55
Show Times: Early Show: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Late Show: 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
More information can be found here or at www.fashionsizzle.net.


When it comes to doing fashion shows with multiple designers, there are a few things you have to compromise in order for everything to go smoothly. So, to spice up my model's hair during the show, I decided to make bow hair-clips! I had leftover vinyl from my "HI" shoulder bags that can be purchased here. With the vinyl, I used puffy paint and added drips all over the top of the bows.
Since I, myself, love adding accessories to my outfits, I decided to make mini backpacks for a few models to wear. I’ve noticed that it is a big trend right now for girls, and even boys, to carry around mini backpacks.

Of course, when it comes to fashion shows, I also try to look my best. Here is a little sneak peek of the outfit I will be sporting during the show. I found these shoes at the thrift store and decided to spray paint them yellow. However, the spray paint didn’t take to the shoe that well, so I added yellow and pink glitter all over the shoes. Don’t worry, they still look great!

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