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Back To The Basics: Sleeves

by - August 22, 2017

When it comes to making designs, sleeves add another sense of style to the garment. They could be over the top or just simple! No matter how you decide to detail them, they all start with a basic shape! With that being said, for the last episode of back to the basics for a while, here is how to make a sleeve pattern. The process is rather easy. However, it does takes time and practice to master the art of sewing sleeves onto a bodice, but don’t worry, you got this!

Even now as I continue to sew and design, I sometimes come across struggles. One of those struggles is making sleeves. However, even though I come across trouble sometimes, I never give up. Eventually, as time goes on, I hope to never mess up a sleeve again. ._.


Here are a few different sleeves I have made over the years of sewing! Whether it;s long sleeves, short sleeves, quarter sleeves or none, adding a little extra something to your garment is fun!

Shown: See through tulle sleeves. I created this design with contrast in mind. The hard material of the tweed really added to the sheerness and flow of the tulle.

Shown: Half ruffled sleeves. The top of the sleeve is a solid black material. Added are three layers of ruffles to the sleeves for some details.

Shown: These sleeves show four layers of pleated fabric added to a plain sleeve pattern. The pleats give it a newer and unique look.

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