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Back To The Basics: Collars

Collars are one of the hardest things to make, I believe, when it comes to designing and sewing clothing! However, just like everything else, the more practice you put into something, the better you’ll be. It was only recently that I figured out how to make collars. Before that, I had my fine share of awfully constructedcollars over the past years. You can view some here!
Here is an in depth tutorial on how to sew a collar. I’ve tried to example it as best as I could and I hope it helps someone out there! Keep in mind, everyone has different ways of sewing and designing. However, this is the way I’ve learned to do it and a way I think is simple enough for others who are just learning how to sew to understand. Enjoy the video!

A few years ago back in 2015, I attended a Summer Live class at FIT in NYC. There, I learned how to drape skirts, shirts, and make collars! Over time, I stopped my practice in draping, but before I starred on PRJr, I decided to pick it back up a…

Upcoming Collection: SODA {Inspired By K-POP}

As soon as I finished working on my previous collection, Creation and Demise, for FWMN, I began a whole new collection entitled: SODA. I've always been fascinated with K-Pop and the culture, fashion, and art of South Korea. I thought that this next collection would be the perfect opportunity to put my own little twist on K-Pop and be inspired!

So, here is a little promotion video I put together for my new collection that will be shown on June 18th with Culture Piece Magazine at Can Can Wonderland in St. Paul, MN for Culture Piece Magazine's 1st Anniversary!

I am very, very proud of this collection and I am so excited to be using tons of color again compared to my last collection (Creation and Demise) that didn't have too much color in it. I hope you enjoy this little video and if you're in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area, be sure to check out the show! There will be many other talented designers there as well. You won't want to miss it! But if you can't make it, follow me on social media to get the inside scoop on all of my collections!