Welcome to TOO MUCH HAWWAA {An Online Shop}

*www.toomuchhawwaa.com is a fun and stylish online store in the works of greatness. Everything is handmade with love and will always be something that is worth it!*

For some time now, I’ve been running a little online shop selling handmade T-Shirts, bags, and my previously made collections. It’s really fun to do and I love sharing my creations with the world. However, this shop is only the beginning.

I created www.toomuchhawwaa.com in order to get a head start on my future career in fashion. I have plans after graduating college at Fashion Institute of Technology to open my own boutique in SOHO. I figured if I start online, I would a good experience for me when I open up a real store.

With all of that being said: GO SHOP! It would mean so much to me if everyone would purchase something from www.toomuchhawwaa.com. Not only to start up my business but to help me raise money for college (New York is a pretty expensive place)!

“HI” Shoulder Bags are being sold for $18.99 and Candy Pocket T-shirts are ONLY $12.99! It’s worth the purchase to support your fellow artist and I appreciate everyone who already has!