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Collection: Plastic {From NYFW With Fashion Sizzle}

It was my second time at NYFW and I was extremely excited to show my new collection: “Plastic”.
This time around at NYFW, I showed with Fashion Sizzle. I was so honored when they asked me to show all the way back in March. Of course, my busy self didn’t even start the collection until July due to graduation from High School and my showing of two other collections: Creation and Demise and Soda. Both with the amazing Culture Piece Magazine.
My collection “Plastic” was inspired by Barbie and Porcelain Dolls. Growing up, I’ve always loved playing with Polly Pockets, Bratz, and any other brand of dolls you can think of. So, because I’m getting older and have seldom time to enjoy myself and relax, I’ve decided to make a collection that represents my time not only as a child, but the obsession with society to constantly stay youthful and perfect.
When you're plastic, you don’t age. When you’re plastic, you don’t cry. When you’re plastic, you’re perfect. We often try to find ways that will p…

Cirque de Hawwaa {From Project Runway Junior Season Two Finale}

This collection was shown by Hawwaa Ibrahim in the Season Two finale of Project Runway Junior. It is not only inspired by the liveliness and entertainment of the circus, but also by the idea that being different is okay. The collection includes a series of color-blocked items while showcasing different silhouettes. There are 13 pieces in the collection with 6 total looks. The shoes were customized by Hawwaa Ibrahim.

Look One: This look represents theVisitor of the circus. The person who will be watching the whole show. I wanted to look to have a young, fun feel. It is the epitome of what everyone wishes they were; Young.

Look Two: This look represents the “Ringleader” of the circus. The person who controls the whole show. I wanted this look to be big and over the top in order for watchers to fully understand how important the ringleader is to the circus.

Look Three: This look represents the “Acrobat” of the circus. The most simple look of my entire collection. I realized that when it comes to performing, acrobatic need to move around. Having a simple dress with detail allows for them to moves, but still look great.

Look Four: This look represents the “Fortuneteller” of the circus. It is no mystery that everyone wants to know where they will end up before it even happens. I wanted to make this look more “approachable” white the black and white pieces underneath the colorful and elegant coat.

Look Five: This look represents the “Magician” of the circus. The coat was my take on a playing card in which magicians are known for doing most of the magic tricks with. The two piece underneath the coat was to even out the balance between simple and extreme that is found in my collection.

Look Six: This look represents the “Clown” of the circus. The back of the jumpsuit is made up of a bunch of different geometric shapes of different colors and fabrics. I decided to make this design unique and eye catching because when people think of clowns, they believe that they are a threat when really, they are misunderstood like a lot of people in this world today.