Colored/Glitter Eyebrows {How To}

June 15, 2016

Ahh the Glitter craze! I'm in love.
About a year ago, the glitter eyebrow trend came to be. However, I didn't start hearing about it until I found out about something called Glitter Freckles which I thought were even weirder. However, the weirder, the better. I decided to try it out a few days ago and after watching numerous videos about them, even the Buzz-feed one, I realized that some people seemed to either cut out the removal part completely or said while using eyelash glue, it was very hard to remove. With that being said, here is a video on not only how to apply color and glitter to your eyebrows, but also how to easily remove glitter from them!
Now you can be one of those people amazing makeup artist on Instagram!

Watch the video do do them yourself:

More Photos:
Red Eyebrows:
Pink and Purple Eyebrows:
Green Eyebrows:
Blue Eyebrows:

Always remember, makeup goes along with fashion and in fashion, you can do whatever you want with it as long as you're happy.

Thank you for reading and watching!

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