Be Who You Wanna Be {Barbie Outfits}

November 29, 2015

My fashion design class at my high school is bringing me all kinds of joy. We recently finished sewing outfits for Barbies dolls. I had a fun time doing it. This was certainly the first time I've ever sewn anything so tiny. We were told to have descriptions about our outfits on the dolls. Here's how mines went:

Outfit #1:

New Nouveau NoirNo need to be on time anymore. Show up fashionably
late to any luncheon with this black and white, hand sewn,
two piece outfit by Hawwaa Ibrahim! Showcasing a feather
filled turtle neckline along with a two-tone top. Write all over
the crowd with this pencil skirt that falls just below the ankles.
Detach the tulle peplum over-skirt for a more casual look or
layer it up if you’re so fancy. Don’t be surprised when people
turn their heads as you walk by. Out with the old, in with the Noir!

Outfit designed, sewn, and styled by Hawwaa Ibrahim.

Outfit #2:

There’s A Party On Fifth Ave
Looking for something more in your range of fashion?
Get the Fifth Avenue look with this multicolored extravaganza.
Sistering the look of New Nouveau Noir, shake things up
with authentic “pea-cocktail” feathers around a turtle neckline
and pencil skirt. It doesn’t hurt to steal the night away with a
cozy crop top that shows off all the right places. Tone down for what?!

Outfit designed, sewn, and styled by Hawwaa Ibrahim.

And here is the whole spread I put together:

Thank you for reading!

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