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FIT Precollege Draping Class {Summer Live}

by - July 27, 2015

I attended the FIT. Summer Live Precollege program for draping. It was really fun, and the teacher, Barbara Seggio, was a very nice women.
This is me outside of the Barns and Noble at FIT right after the new student orientation. I was so excited to be there. FIT is one of the three colleges I want to go to for fashion design. So far, I love everything about it!

Here is a week long vlog from the third and last week of the Fashion Institute Of Technology draping class!


Now, because I wasn't really able to record because of class rules, I recorded a few moments of the making of the garments, the traveling, and the aftermath of the class. I would have recorded the whole three weeks of class, but I totally forgot!
I didn't really talk to the people in the class, but oh well. It's too late now.
However, most of them were pretty nice.

The Garments I Made:

The Classroom:

FIT Museum:

Thank you for reading and watching the video!

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