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Black or White? + Chinese Festival {OOTD}

by - July 29, 2015


Today was a wonderful, adventurous day. I went to the Lincoln Center for the first time and watched a Chinese dance festival. It was amazing! So amazing, I couldn't look away. It's sucks that there were so many people there that almost every time something cool was about to happen, someone would step right in front of my view. However, I did get some good videos and photos of the costumes and dance scenes.

The outfit I chose today was classy and sophisticated. Black and white is one of my favorite pairings. It's calm, but always makes a statement.

Dress: Good will
Shoes: Christian Siriano

Photos from the day:

Chinese Festival

These older ladies were perfect! All in sync.

This lady was actually skinny, but the costume she had on had a wide plate in front of it to make her look bigger.

The water fountain in Lincoln Center.

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