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Collection: Plastic {From NYFW With Fashion Sizzle}

It was my second time at NYFW and I was extremely excited to show my new collection: “Plastic”.
This time around at NYFW, I showed with Fashion Sizzle. I was so honored when they asked me to show all the way back in March. Of course, my busy self didn’t even start the collection until July due to graduation from High School and my showing of two other collections: Creation and Demise and Soda. Both with the amazing Culture Piece Magazine.
My collection “Plastic” was inspired by Barbie and Porcelain Dolls. Growing up, I’ve always loved playing with Polly Pockets, Bratz, and any other brand of dolls you can think of. So, because I’m getting older and have seldom time to enjoy myself and relax, I’ve decided to make a collection that represents my time not only as a child, but the obsession with society to constantly stay youthful and perfect.
When you're plastic, you don’t age. When you’re plastic, you don’t cry. When you’re plastic, you’re perfect. We often try to find ways that will p…

DIY: Stylish Jacket |Hello Hawwaa

The first jacket that I've ever made. I didn't have a pattern so I had to figure it out myself. As you can imagine, that took a long time. It actually took me about five days to finish this but hey, it would worth it and it would fun to make.

3 Yards of fabric
Sewing Pins
Sewing Machine/Sewing Needle
Iron (Optional)
Elastic (Optional)

To get started, I measured how long I wanted the back of it. I measured my back, my shoulders, and how wide I wanted the arm holes with my measuring tape.
I traced it out with a piece of calk and as you can see, I did it on the wrong side.
When you're tracing out a pattern, you should do it on the wrong side so you won't see the lines.

I forgot to take a picture of what I did next but I cut out two panels for the front of the jacket. 
I basically cut out the same width of the back and then cut that in half.
Pin the sides for sewing.

Don't forget to cut out the other part of the arm hole.

In order to make the jacket more fitted without it being too tight, I place some elastic on the back.
Make sure you pull the elastic when you're sewing it up so it will stretch the fabric.

Sew up the sides you pinned down. At this point, I'm sewing down all of the pieces I've cut out.
When you're hemming, always fold the fabric twice then pin. Ironing it helps it stay in place.

These two triangles are for the collar of the jacket.

Don't forget to have your iron close by because it really is a life saver.

Here is what I have so far for the jacket.
This is after I sewed up all the pieces and hemmed the sides.

Here, I am making the back collar. I cut out a long strip of fabric and folded it in half.

I sewed the left side and the right side together leaving the bottom open.
The top was already connected from how I cut the fabric.
Another option is sewing the bottom up too but making sure you leave a little hole to turn it inside out.

I sewed it to the back of the shirt making sure that no raw edges were showing from behind.

And now, I began to make the sleeves.
Keep in mind, I have no idea how to make sleeves so this was a HORRIBLE experience. :(
I cut out a long rectangle and just continued to pin and unpin and pin again so that it would fit my arms.
This is NOT the way you should do it so when I finally find out how to make a sleeve, I will certainly make a video on how to do that.

To connect the sleeves with the shirt, I turned the shirt inside out and placed the sleeve inside then pinned it together. Pinning is a very important thing to do when you're sewing.

Sew it together.

For hemming the sleeves, I had to use a needle and tread because it wouldn't fit on my sewing machine.

And here it is with the sleeves on it. :)

Now it's time for the buttons!
I used three different sizes for the buttons just because I thought it would look cool.

I use a needle and thread for this part too.

I thought the pink would look great on the black button so that's why I used it instead of black.
I think it looks good, right? :)

 There's a first time for everything as you can see. I think I was torturing myself with this jacket because not only did I not know how make the jacket and the sleeves, this is my first time making a button hole too!
To do this (I'm not sure if it's right) I cut a whole in the fabric and this used a needle and thread to go around and seal in the raw edges. If you're going to do this, make sure you go VERY slowly to make it look neat. As you can see, I didn't do that. :(

But, I still finished it and I think for that first time, I did great! :)
How do you like it?

I'm really proud of myself for actually doing this. I didn't want to go it at first because I didn't know how and making something like this without a pattern is very hard. I'll probably end up making some kind of pattern for it though just in case I want to make another one which, I probably will never do :) But, you never know. 

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to follow my blog! :)