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Collection: Plastic {From NYFW With Fashion Sizzle}

It was my second time at NYFW and I was extremely excited to show my new collection: “Plastic”.
This time around at NYFW, I showed with Fashion Sizzle. I was so honored when they asked me to show all the way back in March. Of course, my busy self didn’t even start the collection until July due to graduation from High School and my showing of two other collections: Creation and Demise and Soda. Both with the amazing Culture Piece Magazine.
My collection “Plastic” was inspired by Barbie and Porcelain Dolls. Growing up, I’ve always loved playing with Polly Pockets, Bratz, and any other brand of dolls you can think of. So, because I’m getting older and have seldom time to enjoy myself and relax, I’ve decided to make a collection that represents my time not only as a child, but the obsession with society to constantly stay youthful and perfect.
When you're plastic, you don’t age. When you’re plastic, you don’t cry. When you’re plastic, you’re perfect. We often try to find ways that will p…

DIY: My First Lolita Inspired Dress |Hello Hawwaa

This was probably the best dress I have ever made. I've looked up a lot of youtube videos in order to make this one :) Anyway, I plan on making another so I will make sure I record the next one. I only took pictures of this one because I didn't know how it would go.
So, here you go! How I made my dress.
UPDATE: The Fashion Statement has skipped one of it's weeks because I was so busy with finals, I didn't have time to make one. So, as an apologize, I will have two on 1/19/15 :) Thank you!

I first, I wanted to make it long sleeve but I cut the fabric is the wrong direction :(

I decided to make it like a tube top of course, not exactly like one.

I got this fabric from Hobby Lobby and I'm so happy I decided to go there instead of Joann's fabric because I feel like Hobby Lobby is very cheaper. Plus, they had a sell.

 I cut the fabric in a circle skirt for the bottom of the dress.

Hem the top of the skirt so you can connect the top.

Make sure you leave an open space so you can fit the elastic in.

So here is after I connected the shirt and the skirt.

Here is how it looks while I'm wearing it. But wait, we're not done yet!

Make two straps for the top so to won't fall off.

Sew them together.

Hem the bottom of the skirt.

It's easier if you iron is as you pin it down. It makes it keep it's shape. Just make sure your fabric is able to be ironed.

This is how it looks with the straps.

I used some felt to make some bows. It's really easy to do this. However, I forgot to take a picture of me doing this so when I make a video, I will make sure I will do so.

And here's the finished look! How do you like it?

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