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Collection: Plastic {From NYFW With Fashion Sizzle}

It was my second time at NYFW and I was extremely excited to show my new collection: “Plastic”.
This time around at NYFW, I showed with Fashion Sizzle. I was so honored when they asked me to show all the way back in March. Of course, my busy self didn’t even start the collection until July due to graduation from High School and my showing of two other collections: Creation and Demise and Soda. Both with the amazing Culture Piece Magazine.
My collection “Plastic” was inspired by Barbie and Porcelain Dolls. Growing up, I’ve always loved playing with Polly Pockets, Bratz, and any other brand of dolls you can think of. So, because I’m getting older and have seldom time to enjoy myself and relax, I’ve decided to make a collection that represents my time not only as a child, but the obsession with society to constantly stay youthful and perfect.
When you're plastic, you don’t age. When you’re plastic, you don’t cry. When you’re plastic, you’re perfect. We often try to find ways that will p…

Why I Love Marina Diamandis (Marina & The Diamonds) -Hello Hawwaa

DISCLAIMER: This is not to offend anyone! I wanted to share with Marina fans out there the reason I am in love with the one and only. Also, a lot of my friends think I go a little crazy when I'm talking about her so I wanted to explain why I also get so excited when her name comes up. Thank you! :)

Marina Diamandis:
One of the greatest women to ever set foot on the Earth.
I've been completely in love with her for the past two years and I know exactly why.
She's perfect.
She's the exact person I consider to be my role model.
It's funny because I'm actually listening to her song"Froot" which is absolutely amazing.
I feel like I have't explained myself enough.
I found Marina while I was watching another video and I thought her voice was different and so beautiful. The first song I got hooked on was "Primadonna". I remember constantly having it on replay (Now I have Froot on replay) because I had never heard anyone with that kind of voice before.
I feel as if I shouldn't say this but I want to be her.
Everything about her I'm in love with.
Her face. Her Lips. Her Teeth. Her everything.
Her songs have the emotion that I can always relate to. Something tells me that her and I have the same personality. I just feel like every time I listen to her songs, she's speaking to me.
I really want to meet her and just tell her how much she's affected my life and made it a hundred times better.
I know I'm only 15 years old and I have my whole life ahead of me but I feel like if I meet Marina, my life would be complete.
Soon I will be making a YouTube video about the subject so stay tuned!
Please follow this blog and my instagram! (Link) Thanks! ;)