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December 20, 2014

DISCLAIMER: This is not to offend anyone! I wanted to share with Marina fans out there the reason I am in love with the one and only. Also, a lot of my friends think I go a little crazy when I'm talking about her so I wanted to explain why I also get so excited when her name comes up. Thank you! :)

Marina Diamandis:
One of the greatest women to ever set foot on the Earth.
I've been completely in love with her for the past two years and I know exactly why.
She's perfect.
She's the exact person I consider to be my role model.
It's funny because I'm actually listening to her song"Froot" which is absolutely amazing.
I feel like I have't explained myself enough.
I found Marina while I was watching another video and I thought her voice was different and so beautiful. The first song I got hooked on was "Primadonna". I remember constantly having it on replay (Now I have Froot on replay) because I had never heard anyone with that kind of voice before.
I feel as if I shouldn't say this but I want to be her.
Everything about her I'm in love with.
Her face. Her Lips. Her Teeth. Her everything.
Her songs have the emotion that I can always relate to. Something tells me that her and I have the same personality. I just feel like every time I listen to her songs, she's speaking to me.
I really want to meet her and just tell her how much she's affected my life and made it a hundred times better.
I know I'm only 15 years old and I have my whole life ahead of me but I feel like if I meet Marina, my life would be complete.
Soon I will be making a YouTube video about the subject so stay tuned!
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