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Collection: Plastic {From NYFW With Fashion Sizzle}

It was my second time at NYFW and I was extremely excited to show my new collection: “Plastic”.
This time around at NYFW, I showed with Fashion Sizzle. I was so honored when they asked me to show all the way back in March. Of course, my busy self didn’t even start the collection until July due to graduation from High School and my showing of two other collections: Creation and Demise and Soda. Both with the amazing Culture Piece Magazine.
My collection “Plastic” was inspired by Barbie and Porcelain Dolls. Growing up, I’ve always loved playing with Polly Pockets, Bratz, and any other brand of dolls you can think of. So, because I’m getting older and have seldom time to enjoy myself and relax, I’ve decided to make a collection that represents my time not only as a child, but the obsession with society to constantly stay youthful and perfect.
When you're plastic, you don’t age. When you’re plastic, you don’t cry. When you’re plastic, you’re perfect. We often try to find ways that will p…

DIY: Kawaii Decoden Phone Case #2 -Hello Hawwaa

I am in love with everything kawaii and cute!
I am also in love with making my own phone cases. Mostly because the ones in stores or either boring or too expensive if they look nice.
Plus, I just love soft, cute, and squishy things!

Phone case
Colored glue sticks
Glue Gun

Using glitter glue sticks and a hot glue gun, I created drips down the side of the case.

 Here is a little video click I put on my Instagram. I wasn't able to make a YouTube video because my camera is now broken (Cries).

Decoden is very easy to do. All it is is putting silicone on a phone case, using a toothpick or even an icing nozzle to make a design in it. Then, you either by or make charms to stick on it. With for it to dry and you're done!
The only thing that was hard for me to do was making the charms. It takes a very long time to do but it's all worth it in the end!

Here is the finished case!
I love it so much and I am totally going to make a thousand more!

Thanks for reading!
-Hawwaa XOXO
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